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South London's longest-established roofing specialists

If you live in the Herne Hill and Dulwich area, it’s quite likely that your home may have been built in late Victorian or Edwardian times. In this area you may also be living in a 1920’s or 30’s style house or flat, or even in one of the modern 60’s or 70’s townhouses which are increasingly popular right now. They all have roofing of different types. In our firm we have recently been very busy, as many of the original roofing from Victoria and Edwardian times has lasted this long, but after 100 years is now worn out and needs replacing. Quite a lot of our customers ask us to replace in real slate to preserve the character of the building. We are certainly able to do this. As you can imagine it is not the cheapest option and we are always happy to suggest good-looking alternatives. We also get to fix a lot of flat roof problems, and for many customers like you we use special skills to rebuild chimneys replace leading with original specification materials, and of course, replace guttering.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of cheap roofers out and about right now. All we need to say about that is: how valuable is your building to you? For most people, it’s their biggest asset. That’s why at Dulwich Roofing Contractors, we don’t aim to provide the cheapest price. Instead, we aim to deliver thorough, quality skilled work backed by our ten-year guarantee. We specify, purchase and fit the best materials. We put up our own scaffolding. We are members of the National Roofing Federation. Our work is covered by the Trust Mark Bond. We never sub-contract. And we have been serving this local area for over 25 years, which means it is in our interest to do a good job for you.That’s why we are South London’s longest established roofing firm. Just ask for us a free of charge no-obligation quote and we will make an appointment with you and come round and look at your job.